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Serial Casting and Tone Management

Trained by clinicians from the top rehabilitation center in the United States, The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC), our therapists provide serial casting and splinting as part of a tone management program. Therapy Hut is one of few locations in the Memphis area that provide this. We attempt serial casting to provide a mobilization method other than having to rely on surgical procedures to fix the underlying issues. We also provide consultations with regard to the impact of medical, surgical, and pharmaceutical interventions on tone management networking with top orthotists and prosthetists in providing the best solution for tone management and joint alignment problems. Some examples of serial casting completed at Therapy hut are shown below. 



Example 1: Serial Casting Lower Extremities ("Toe Walkers")

Pictures below show the serial casting procedure used to gain a normal range of motion in bilateral lower extremities on a child to improve functional gait pattern for a child who demonstrates tight plantar flexors in hopes to avoid surgical fixation. Fiberglass casting is done 1x/week for 4-6wks with constant checking of skin integrity and range of motion measurements assessed. Cast protectors and information about cast care are provided.


Soft Roll



Example 2: Serial Casting for hemiplegia


Pictures below show a misaligned ankle of a child with hemiplegia at the start of serial casting and 2 weeks after being cast resulting in a better-aligned foot with no surgery involved.

Example 3: Serial Casting for Spasticity and Tone Management for upper extremities 

Pictures below show serial casting for the upper extremities used to help decrease tone and spasticity while increasing ROM for functional tasks. 

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