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We continue to monitor the situation on Covid-19. The City of Memphis Mayor, Jim Strickland, has recently signed a civil emergency order for businesses and residents to stay home for the next 14 days unless you are considered an essential service. Under this order, Therapy Hut, being a walk-in healthcare facility, is considered an essential service.

We remain open as we consider ourselves essential to the physical and mental health and well-being of not only our pediatric patients but also their families, especially in these times of broken routines and limited services for the special needs population.

We continue to follow CDC/Public Health guidelines on social distancing by limiting the number of individuals inside the clinic, limiting care givers who enter the clinic to just 1 per patient, and asking our staff to limit activities to just home and work as much as possible. We continue to take temperature readings on every one who enters the clinic including the staff, wash hands of every patient that comes in, increased washing of hands and surface cleanings of therapy rooms and equipments for every patient that comes in.

We ask our patients to be responsible as well by limiting their activities to just essential services.

Thank you for your continued support and we will continue to monitor the situation on Covid-19.

God bless everyone.


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Therapy Hut is a privately owned pediatric outpatient therapy clinic focusing on the development of essential milestones needed as a child grows while addressing the behavioral, sensory, and psychosocial needs of the children.


Our facility offers many rooms available to meet the needs of our children including a sensory room, a fitness area, a play gym, and a table room to focus on improving important developmental milestones in a child's life.



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Sensory Room 



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